The Pyrate John Sharks

Welcome to the Serrated Ventures of the Pyrate John Sharks - Pyrate, Arrrtist and Purveyor of Creative Treachery for hire.

Pyrate John Sharks

Growing up in the Buccaneer Port of Tampa Bay, John Sharks developed a love of the sea and a connection to sharks at an early age. Roaming about over the years, his serrated ventures have taken him from his native home in the Bay to the Voodoo Ridden Shores of Haiti, the Civilized Coasts of the Carolinas, the Pirate Shoals of Jose Gaspar and back. Living a Pyrate's Life in the modern day and purveying a little Creative Treachery.

Pyrate Offerings

If its Pyrate Flair ye need, Pyrate John Sharks can assist. John dabbles in a variety of creative treachery. Some of those offerings be his "Pics wth a Pyrate and Pyrate Tattooing Booth" for events, Pyrate arts of various mediums, Pyrate prop making, modern Pyrate wears and most recently Pyrate self defense implements! Not exactly sure what ye need, but something Pyratey in general? By all means "Rouse the Cap'n" to seek an accord.

Pyrate Life

Here be pictorial collections of Pyrate John Sharks creative treachery and adventures. Pour ye some good rum and have a gander...

Rouse the Cap'n


Pyrate John Sharks

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