Sharrrks have been part of me since I was a wee lad and they continue to permeate me life and creative treachery to this day. I be found fortunate to be born and raised upon Tampa Bay where I routinely encounter sharks. The Winters draw them to what many a pyrate refers to as Sharkri-La. Sharrrks far as ye can gander and ye canst find me there most days during the cold stretches. I have spied shivers of Blacktips, Bonnetheads, Lemons and, me favourite, Bull Sharks! From pups to adults, they be amazing creatures to watch without all the frenzied Shark Week behaviours.

Given me fond affection for my toothy mates, it saddens me to see them being decimated round the world from unregulated commercial fishing, trophy hunters and worst of all, the shark fin trade. As such I support valiant conservation efforts to see me namesake saved and recommend none more highly than me mateys with Sharks4Kids. From classroom Skype sessions to film making to writing books to Shark Week features and much more, Duncan and Jillian devote themselves wholeheartedly to shark education and conservation. But don't just take an old Pyrate's word for it, have a gander for yerself -


Profits from John Sharks Pyrate Brand go directly to support their shark saving ventures.